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Event Services 

Do you have an upcoming event that needs planning? Moments by Allie + Ashley is an Event Planning Service with experience organizing a wide range of event types. Send us a message so we can start planning together!


Full Service/Design

Services include:

  • Consultation

  • Get to really know you two individually and as a couple 

  • Budget break down 

  • Wedding planning time line  

  • Venue walkthroughs 

  • Venue booking 

  • Full Vendor networking which includes preferred vendors, discounts, tastings/samples

  • Vendor booking/communication/contracting 

  • Full wedding design from decor to graphic design to over all set up 

  • On theme Assistance 

  • Table layouts

  • Seating charts 

  • Customized signage/ decor 

  • Customized napkins/cups

  • Weather contention planning 

  • Testing/Ordering of all product wedding day related 

  • Wedding day timeline 

  • Management of wedding party 

  • Set up and tear town of wedding day 

Partial Service/Design

Services include:

  • Consultation 

  • Suggestive design 

  • On theme assistance 

  • Table scape/decor plan 

  • Vendor networking/booking 

  • Assistance with signage/ decor 

  • Everything included in day of package 


Services include: 

  • Consultation 

  • 30 days prior wedding meeting

  • Walkthrough of Venue

  • Vendor communications 

  • Crossing t’s dotting I’s (ensuring you didn’t miss any details) 

  • Day before set up (the big stuff) 

  • Day of decorating/full wedding set up 

  • Ensuring Day of time line 

  • Tear down of wedding 


Services include:

  • Consultation 

  • Volunteer management 

  • Design of event/graphic design for event signage

  • Auction coordination/design 

  • Invites  

  • Design of event 

  • Vendor selection/communication 

  • Decor/set up management 

  • Full day of service/timeline 

  • Tear town of event 

Personal Parties

Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, Holiday, Bachelor.

Services include:

  • Consultation 

  • Invites 

  • Transportation booking 

  • Full party planning/ design

  • Decor management 

  • Entertainment suggestion/booking 

  • Food/beverage booking

  • A full day of coordination, set up, tear down

Company Events

Services include: 

  • Initial consultation 

  • Creative design of event

  • Venue and vendor booking 

  • Ordering/testing decor and product for event timeline 

  • Design/printing of event content 

  • Main point of contact day of

  • Day of set up and tear down day of


Services include:

  • Consultation 

  • Knowing your story 

  • Creative design of the How, When and Where

  • Vendor Booking (site, photographer etc.)

  • Day of surprise time line 

  • Outfit design 

  • Set up and tear down of proposal 

Pop Up Moments

A quick, chic gathering for couples and friend groups


Services include:

  • Consultation

  • Knowing your story 

  • Book venue/location 

  • Design 

  • Decor 

  • Personalized signage (keepsake) 

  • Set up and tear down of event


Services include:

  • Consultation

  • Preferred Vendor List

  • 5 hours of planning meetings

  • Planning advice

  • Decor/design recommendation

  • Budgeting assistance

  • Access to planning templates

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